Urethane Cande Carrier Kit

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Includes Clear & Activator

  • 2:1 mix

  • 45.7% solids

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Urethane Cande Carrier

2k candy carrier levels instantly as it hits the panel, making it very easy to get a smooth finish. It is “water” clear, formulated with innovative resins and UV stabilizers to provide a durable, long‐lasting finish. Urethane Cande Carrier 2k candy carrier is the key to spraying that perfect true candy job. Utilizing a variable speed catalyst system to provide consistent performance in a variety of weather conditions.



Solvent-borne Basecoat

Waterborne Basecoat


Mixing Ratio

2 Parts 1 Part
UCC UA-70 (65°F – 85°F)
UA-80 (85°F – 95°F)
UA-90 (95°F+)

NOTE: Make sure product is at room temperature (72°F) before mixing.


Apply base coat color according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Spray two wet coats of UCC, allowing 5 minutes flash time between coats. Apply 2 wet coats of a top coat clear, allowing UCC to flash to passing string test. Shop conditions, air flow, and reducer used will vary flash times. A good rule of thumb is to monitor the finish, allow each coat to go out of string before applying the next coat. (DO NOT rush your recoat time between coats. You could experience solvent popping if product .) All candy finishes must be clear coated. After 20 to 30 minutes begin applying 2 to 3 coats of Wetness 2145 high solids clear for maximum UV protection (Always refer to the appropriate tech sheets on the top coat klear you intend to use).


  • UCC can be reduced 5% with Reducer
  • Adding reducers will decrease dry film thickness
  • Adding standard grade urethane reducers will increase VOCs
  • A minimum of 2 mils dry‐film‐thickness of topcoat is required for optimum UV resistance



  • Apply base coat color per manufacturer’s recommended procedures.
  • Allow 15 minutes dry time per coat before applying candy carrier.
  • In temperatures below 70°F, a longer dry time is necessary for each coat of basecoat.
  • Thoroughly tack surfaces to be painted with a clean tack cloth before applying candy.



Technical Data

Mix Ratio 2:1 (5%Reducer Optional)
Pot Life 1 hour @ 72°F/22.2°C, 50% realative humidity
Gun Setup 1.2mm – 1.4mm
Air Pressure 8‐10 psi HVLP
40‐45 psi Conventional
% Solids by Weight 45.7% (Sprayable, no reducer)
Shelf Life (Unopened) 12 months


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Activator Temp

Medium, Slow, X-Slow


5L, Quart

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urethane cande carrierUrethane Cande Carrier Kit
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