Ultimate Euro 2141 Euro Clear Coat Kit



Includes Clear & Activator

  • 2:1 mix

  • 41% solids

  • Excellent 100% DOI Gloss


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Ultimate Euro 2141 Euro Clear Coat Kit

A Euro Clear Coat that is a two component, urethane clearcoat designed for spot, panel and overall refinish jobs. It is fast-drying, easy to use and provides a durable finish with excellent gloss. It is National Rule compliant.


Solvent-borne Basecoat

Waterborne Basecoat

2k Enamel



Mixing Ratio

2 Parts1 Part
UE-2141UA-60 (60°F – 70°F)
UA-80 (70°F – 80°F)
UA-90 (80 – 90°F+)

NOTE: Make sure product is at room temperature (72°F) before mixing.


  • Apply basecoat color according to manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Apply 2 full wet coats of Ultimate Euro 2141 Euro clear coat (2.2 – 3.6 mils @ 1.2 mils per coat)
  • Flash for 5 – 10 minutes depending on activator used.
  • Keep spray gun nozzle 6 – 10 inches from the vehicle to avoid entrapment of air in paint film.
  • Always keep containers tightly closed to prevent moisture contamination.
  • Clean equipment thoroughly after use.


Dry Times

Air Dry @ 77°FDust Free10 Minutes
To Deliver6-8 Hours
Force DryPurge Time10 Minutes
30 minutes @ 140°F/60°C (metal temp)
Buffing TimesAir Dry6-8 Hours
Force Dry1 Hour After Cool Down




Technical Data

Mix Ratio2:1
Pot Life1 hour @ 77°F/25°C, 50% relative humidity
Gun Setup1.3mm – 1.4mm
Air Pressure8-10 psi HVLP
40-45 psi Conventional
% Solids by Weight41% (Sprayable, no reducer)
Shelf Life (Unopened)12 months


Additional information

Activator Temp

Fast, Medium, Slow


5L, Quart


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