Epoxy Resin Pigments

“I love epoxy resin pigments but how much do I need?”

How much pearl you need to use is subjective, but a general guideline is that you should use 1g of powder per 8oz of mixed epoxy resin (or 16g per gallon of epoxy)

Thoroughly mix your epoxy Part A and Part B in the correct ratio first before adding the pearl.

Start off with a little and add more until you achieve your desired level of color.

Cande Shop pearls are made up of a very fine colored pigment that will disperse in your epoxy and adds a multi-dimensional, opaque color that varies depending on the thickness of epoxy and ambient lighting.

If you want a chameleon, or color shifting color, our Chameleon pearls are what you want.

If you’re interested in an even, transparent color, our Cande Concentrates will be more suitable. Good starting point is 1 8oz bottle per 2 gallons of mixed epoxy. 2 of our 2oz bottles per gallon of mixed epoxy for those smaller projects.

If you want a sparkle that catches your eye, metallic, Metal Flakes are what you want. Start with an 8th per gallon of mixed epoxy resin.

NOTE: Purchasers should always test and evaluate how any epoxy resin pigments look prior to a final mixing for a project. It is up to you to determine suitability of such products for their particular use. The powdered colorant shown on the listing, website, brochure or any marketing materials may not be exact due to limited computer monitor/printing processes. Each individual views color differently. Please contact us if you have any questions about the resin color before you purchase.

Powder Coat

“Can your products be used in powder coat?” YES! You don’t have to be the world’s best powder coater to understand how to effectively use our products

You can effectively use our products in powder coat clears, because they are effect pigment powders and are best when used in a base coat-clear coat scenario. The mixture of our pearls in colored powders is not recommended, since pearls may be drowned by the colors, but HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY sprayed with favorable results.

Since pearls are so versatile, you can achieve rich to subtle accents by adjusting the amount in your mixture. We recommend using 1 Nick (25g jar) of our pearl in 1 to 5 lbs. of clear powder. You will have a very strong effect when using in 1 lb. of powder, but a very faint pearl effect in a 5 lb. mixture.

When it comes to our metal flakes, we recommend our .004″ flakes because they are the smallest & thinnest available. While you’ll need to sand & re-clear, this will minimize the orange peel effect if you have one of those customers who needs something rushed. Since most of our flake is safe up to 375°F using a low temp cure clear is best.


Give us a try and you won’t go back…

Plasti-Dip & Liquid Wrap

A question we get all to often here at Cande Shop is “can your products be used in plasti-dip & liquid wrap products?” The answer is YES! Getting good plasti-dip & liquid wrap coatings is key, but simply add 25g per gallon for our unicorn pearls, 50g per gallon for our color pearls or 75g per gallon for our chameleon pearls to achieve 100% coverage.

If you want to use our metal flakes, simply add a quarter of the .004″ or .008″ to a gallon of clear dip and spray. Remember you’ll have a rougher end result with the bigger sized flakes.

If you want to use our Cande Concentrate to create a peelable candy paint job, simply add 8oz of our concentrate to 2 gallons of clear glossy topcoat.

We can even customize packages and let you know which colors to buy when you ask us for another “dip” companies color match. The “colorshift” pearls they advertise are all colors that they carry and when you buy our sample pack, you can have a whole variety of Colorshift (or Chameleon) pearls at your fingertips for about $20.00 per 25 gram quantity. So you can get your dip or other coatings pearls at a huge discount off of what you would think you might spend at our competitors. So when you search for dip or other coatings pearls, you should shop with us, because we are the premier coatings pearl provider on the Internet and we back the Dip community.