Introducing the world’s FIRST subscription boxes for candy paint, metal flake & pearls for paint. Save money & stay stocked up on the world’s best products.


  • Exclusive access to unreleased products before they become available
  • Special Edition Holographic Sticker
  • Savings of up to 30% vs buying single jars/bottles

With this simple subscription purchase, you’re set up to receive a unique combination of candy paint, metal flake or pearls shipped to your door once a month. Not only does this allow you to get all of our newest products every time we get them in but it also keeps you stocked up. We will always try not to send duplicates, meaning you’ll go months (even up to a year) before receiving the same color again. If you have a color you’d like to receive simply send an email to and we’ll make sure to get it into your next shipment.

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