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Ice Cube is a UV resistant white ice sparkle pearl pigment that goes beyond traditional pearls in brightness of color, transparency, and reflectivity. It has brightness and sparkle under sunlight conditions. Ice Cube has a range of particles up to 200μm. Easily double the size of any standard pearl on the market. Giving you the sparkle of metal flake without all the extra work. Ice Cube may be used in any basecoat, intercoat, Kandy, or Clears. It is an excellent base for Kandy finishes, giving a brilliant glitter effect. Ice Cube gives the custom painter additional creativity to design “one of a kind” custom finishes.






Add Ice Cube to mixed clear (ready to spray) and apply over the base coat. Ice Cube may be added to any clear, including Intercoat Clear.

The color of your base will determine how much pearl you use. The following chart is a guide for proper mixing:





2 teaspoons

3 – 4 teaspoons

The size of the object being painted will dictate the amount of pearl also. Larger objects require less pearl than smaller objects. On large objects, start low and add additional pearl slowly. Too much pearl will reduce the pearl effect due to overcrowding of the pearl platelets.
NOTE: When applying pearl over a dark base, do not add too much pearl, as mottling or streaking can occur.
NOTE: Urethane enamel may take slightly more pearl than acrylic lacquer due to its high solids.


Strain the paint or clear into the gun, then add Ice. Air pressure varies, use Gun Mfgs. recommendations. Apply 2-3 medium (almost wet) coats with 75% pattern overlap. Gun distance while spraying should be 6 inches or less to reduce roughness. Walk long objects. Allow flash time between coats. Be sure that your spray equipment and environment are very clean and the spray pattern correct. An uneven spray gun pattern will make proper application impossible. Apply enough coats to achieve the effect you desire. Then begin Kandy or clear coats.

NOTE: When using intercoat clear, never apply more than 4 coats. Mix the pearls rich enough to complete the application in 3 or 4 coats.
NOTE: Check effect of Ice in direct sunlight to see their maximum impact.


Read Cautions and Warnings on all product can labels. Use a recommended respirator when spraying.
KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN and do not apply to objects used by children.

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    It’s the best I have used to date.

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    Extension of Ice… Just as good if not better!

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    Always fast and super products

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    Great quality flake… Whitest white out there..

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    Love the colors will use it soon

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