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  • 3 Nicks per sprayable gallon
  • 1 Line to make 8.5oz sprayable


Darkseid is a UV resistant chameleon pearl (color shift) that comes to life as the light hits it. It shifts between Cyan-Blue-Violet-Red. With it’s 60µm size it’s the perfect size to get full color coverage without a huge sparkle like a flake. It’s a chameleon pearl so no matter what color you spray it over, MAGIC will happen. Making Darkseid chameleon pearl the perfect pearl to give your paint project that color that’ll drive them insane. Spray over any color, black or red recommended

Photo over Deep Black






Mix 75g per sprayable gallon

5g sample will make 8.5oz sprayable

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Line, Nick

5 reviews for Darkseid

  1. Phil K. (verified owner)

    Cande Shop provides excellent products for great prices, and their fast service can’t be beat! I’ve tried several color-shift pearls recently, and Darkseid is my favorite!

  2. Bryan D. (verified owner)

  3. Nicole M. (verified owner)

    Cannot wait to see this on a project

  4. Brett (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

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