metal flake

Our premium USA made metal flake for custom paint & powdercoat are a great way to add sparkle to any paint, plasti-dip, cerakote or powdercoat job.

Our hexagon flake and Gooch’s Beard Clippings flake are easy to spray, solvent resistant and thinner than the rest. They are heat resistant to 350º F up to 550º F.

Unlike other companies, each jar is measured by weight, not the volume of the jar. This gives you more product for your money. They can be used in many different mediums and even our small .004″ micro metal flakes have been known to give off big sparkle for a low price.

All of our flakes are solvent resistant so that they can be mixed into the toughest paints without fading or bleeding like the hobby store glitters do.

When using a black base coat, our .004″ metal flakes can cover an entire car using 1 jar. As we often say, one jar does a car! We have seen people use many more for extra sparkle, though.

Get a great deal on metal flake for paint when you shop at Cande Shop.

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