.008″ Green Dragon Metal Flake

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  • Line = 5 Gram Sample
  • 8th = 2 oz (by weight)
  • Quarter = 4 oz (by weight)
  • Elbow = 1 lb


Green Dragon is our premium USA made, UV & solvent resistant jade green metal flake. This isn’t your typical “metal flake” like that’s out on the market. Green Dragon is precision cut from highly reflective foil which has been clear coated with a transparent coating. Green Dragon can withstand temperatures up to 375° without loss of color or reflectivity. This makes it perfect for paint, nail polishes or even powder coating. This temperature endurance, as well as Green Dragon’s solvent and UV resistance makes it the perfect flake for your project, regardless of the industry. Giving you rich, long lasting color that’ll never fade.


Mixing Green Dragon Metal Flake: 

Mix 1 8th into a reduced quart of Triple C Intercoat for best results. Leaving the flake flat and ready to be buried in Wetness clear.


  • SIZE: 0.008″


  • spray gun icon large  TIP SIZE: 1.4+


  • shield large  SOLVENT & UV RESISTANT




  • Line = 5 Gram Sample
  • 8th = 2 oz (by weight)
  • Quarter = 4 oz (by weight)
  • Elbow = 1 lb

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Sample, 8th, Quarter, Elbow jar, Elbow bag

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