Epiphany Blue tiffany blue pearl

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  Size: 60µm



  Mixing Ratio



  • 8th per gallon (sprayable)
  • Nick to make 1/2 gallon (sprayable)
  • Line to make 13oz (sprayable)

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Epiphany Blue Tiffany Blue Pearl

UV resistant Tiffany blue pearl pigment that goes beyond traditional pearls in brightness of color and reflectivity. Epiphany Blue has a range of particles up to 60μm. Giving you the bright colored sparkle without all the extra work. Epiphany Blue may be used in any base coat binder, intercoat, or clears. It is an excellent base for graphics. Epiphany Blue gives the custom painter additional creativity to design “one of a kind” custom finishes. A Tiffany blue pearl color that rivals that little blue box. Best over Carolina Blues


1st photo over Carolina Blues

2nd photo over White

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Line, Nick, 8th

7 reviews for Epiphany Blue tiffany blue pearl

  1. Darrell K. (verified owner)

    The Right Blue…!!!!

  2. Lonnell Timmons (verified owner)

  3. Mark Ybarra (verified owner)

  4. Carlos (verified owner)

  5. Steve Courtney (verified owner)

  6. John D. (verified owner)

  7. Ryan Borgheiinck (verified owner)

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