After leaving the Army in 2005, I bounced around a few jobs. Everywhere I was employed I saw that customer service from these businesses was lacking.

2013: Only $400 to my name, I set out to provide a place for car audio enthusiasts to come to for the best customer service and some of the best quality work in the world. Cande Shop was formed. Cande being an acronym of my name, The C (1st letter of my first name), Ande (the 1st 4 letters of my last name). Carl Anderson’s Shop.

July 2017: I decided I no longer could handle the stress of battling with bigger companies with more buying power. Selling at dealer cost! So I took 2 weeks off, decided to attempt to re-establish myself with custom yeti’s. Armed with spray cans and vinyl I started. Quickly made a name for myself locally and a month later picked up my first paint gun.

January 2019: I developed Crystal Mess, a liquid paint mask manufactured in individual batches by myself. This was the start of Cande Shop custom paint refinishing products.

Cande Shop’s goal is to always provide customers with a place to shop for premium quality refinishing products for custom paint & other coatings. With an emphasis on quick turnaround & shipping times. On any in stock Cande Shop brand product, if you don’t receive a tracking number within 24 hours, YOUR ORDER IS FREE! (this has been suspended due to supply conflicts resulting from Covid19)

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If you’d like to see the paintings and quick how to videos, follow me on Instagram @candeman407.